The platform is still is development, but please do try it and help us to bring it to the the public sooner by contributing your feedback and ideas.

What is RCT?

Randomised Control Trial (RCT) is an experimental technique that uses random assignment to facilitate fair comparison between treatment and no treatment groups.

Randomised Controlled Trials are considered to be the golden standard evidence-based research. More>>

What is TrialWiz?

TrialWiz is the first public cloud-based platform, designed to bring the power of Randomised Control Trials to anyone.

In a user-friendly step-by-step wizard TrialWiz combines all the elements required to create and run well-designed RCTs, with smaller budgets on a wider range of projects.

Is it for you?

Yes, if you have been tasked with conducting a Randomised Controlled Trial, or you are looking for the way to make your current RCT more efficient, easier and more secure.

Yes, if you need to evaluate a new treatment, policy, packaging, improved design, prototype, concept, marketing strategy, ect..



Get more reliable results than A/B testing


Is new treatment really better than the existing one?


RCTs are required for drug approvals in most countries

Social Policy

Improve policy based on solid evidence


Randomised Trials have proven to help reduce crime


Test ideas on a smaller scale before committing